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'The Microphone' Cancelled

A sequel to ‘The Microphone’ music video was in the works; a semi script/concepts was nearly completed. The project, directed, edited and filmed by Aristadoe, was to include the previous ensemble cast: Jonathan Pagan, Miguel Chandon Sánchez, Grify, Frado, Hecdosage, Gleams, Ra Vegas, Aristadoe among others. Although the entire cast came off in terms of performances, I decided to go in a different direction instead, due to complications. Thus, the sequel to ‘The Microphone’ video has been officially cancelled. But rest assure, I still have some interesting projects in store, so stay tuned.

Thanks to all who participated, and the viewers as well.



In the late mid 80’s, my oldest sister and her boyfriend had taken me to a park known as High-bridge park, in the uptown district of Washington Heights NY. Although the name was known by many local residents, I was introduced to the park by a name that any 9-year-old kid would find amazing. Spider Man village, that’s what they called it due to the overpopulated spiders crawling down them woods, and a slanted wall that connected to the blue bridge. The wall was so slanted, that if you walked down hill you had to skip steps, on some gravitation. Yet, walking up was more difficult, it was like climbing a building or at least it felt that way. Later this park became my playground, hangout, among other interesting things. I remember saying that, “one day I would like to shoot a video down here,” being that the park was like a passage way to the woods you see in them scary flicks.

Check out my video ‘The Microphone’ shot in Spider Man Village ft-artist Hecdosage, Gleams, Ra, and myself Aristadoe, along with several amazing actors like, Jonathan Pagan, Miguel ‘Chandon’ Sanchez, Grify and Chris Ravia. The track, ‘The Microphone’ was recorded, mixed, and the cuts by Frado.

2.6.S Films. revealed two posters for Aristadoe’s up and upcoming video titled, THE MICROPHONE. The project consists of an all-star cast: Jonathan Pagan, Miguel “Chandon” Sánchez, Grify, Chris Ravia, Hecdosage, Gleams, Ra and Aristadoe. The viral video opens sometime in late October 2012. Poster (1) shows a brown paper bag or mask with the Aristadoe bloody symbol drawn on the back side ,over a male figures head. Poster (2) depicts the after effects of a tragic incident, where the only clues are left on the concrete-a mic and blood stains.

Just click on the posters, and see where it leads you.

New Trailer! ft-Hecdosage, Gleams, Ra, Aristadoe, Miguel Chandon Sanchez, Grify, Chris Ravia, Jonathan Pagan.

This picture was taken of Gleams accidentally while shooting for the (Who’s Gonna Bite) video in the drizzling rain. I was supposed to press the record button on my camera half way, but for some crazy reason I pressed it all the way down. I guess…my finger pointed me in the right direction. One never knows, just click on the picture, and see where it leads you.

On July 30th 2011 a spellbinding Hip-Hop video was filmed in New York City’s Washington Square Park, and the infamous West 4th basket ball court known as (The Cage). This indicative well crafted video was filmed for the joint (Who’s Gonna Bite) From the upcoming album titled Pride and Glory; which ft-Gleams, Amandy Exchange, and myself Aristadoe. 

Three man took upon this approach with out a crew to depend on, but themselves by taking turns holding the camera, music equipment and of course the tripod came in handy.  It was shot on two separate days, due to the weather conditions; the unpredictable Rain vs the scorching sun, added an interesting erratic contrast look to the video. Not to mention the free extra’s who participated with out even knowing. Interestingly enough, they casted themselves in groups of twos; which in a crazy way it seemed like they were mirroring each other… or was it just playing old biting?

Special thanks to Gleams, Amandy Exchange for their time, and participation. And the dancer Amanda, who carefully translated the words into motion. Can’t forget about the free extra’s, thanks for showing up. 🙂

Directed and Edited by Robert Soto