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Music collaborations in hip hop are mostly based on several reasons: skills, chemistry, talents and money being the prime source. Yet, for this joint ‘Brace Yourself’ produced by ADP, Brace and Aristadoe joined forces to disperse what they about, pure talent, and the video captivates that. The video was filmed in Washington Heights, New York City, directed, shot and edited by Aristadoe.


At first, I didn’t think this (Sometimes) video would get shot, due to the pouring rain. It was like some pound for pound hardcore rain drops crashing in.  Looking up at the sky, and blaming it for crying on my plans as I was exiting Jimmy’s Chinese Restaurant on the corner of 181 street and Bennett. Waiting outside for Brace to pick me up… or better yet waiting to hear the horn from his whip; which I did. By the time we went to his crib, the rain had slack down to the point where I couldn’t hear no water tapping from the windows of his crib. So it was on…he called up his cousin M.Class to help us shoot the video.

We all drove to several spots… uptown in Washington Heights looking for old memory lane backdrops. I’m not gonna front, I didn’t have the concept laid down to the tea, but I did have an idea on what I wanted to do for his video like 4 weeks prior to the shoot. I knew I wanted to have scenes of Brace driving his whip while thinking to himself, and scenes of him standing in front of some dirty secluded under path backdrop. I had some in mind, but didn’t know the exact locations, till he brought me to this ill spot by one fifty some shit. It was a dream come true, so we started shooting.

Sometimes I shot the scenes, and sometimes I didn’t. When I wasn’t filming M.Class took over, I must say he got some steady ass hands; especially dealing with a lens so light which can cause the camera to shake easy. If he was a transformer he would earn the name (Tripod). We caught mad wreck, but we did come across some toy cops trying to stop us at certain locations. But we manage to shoot guerrilla style because that’s what we do. Is part of the fun, the art of not getting caught, and sometimes the rush it brings, helps you bring out your best. Once you being filmed or filming the next man, you block everything and go in for the kill. When I felt I had enough footage I looked up at the sky and said, “Thanks for keeping the streets clean.” LOL