Born Robert Soto, better known by his stage name as “Aristadoe,” grew up in the grimy streets of New York City uptown district Washington Heights. His roots consist of Dominican and Spaniel decent. At the age of 5 young Soto showed and interest for music. “I had no brothers to play with just sisters, so I rarely played with toys and when I did I substituted my imaginary friend with a song, music became my toy chest box.” As a result, he was exposed to many different genre of music. His mother loved Bolero, Merengue and Ranchero music which she played out loud on weekends. His father was always humming or singing along to a Salsa tune. “It was interesting how my father sang them songs, It sounded mad funny, but I liked it. That’s what got me into it, as well as his dance steps.” Thus, Soto developed a talent for mimicking what he saw and heard. He started to do impressions like Tarzan, Animal sounds and cartoons which lead him to develop voice over techniques.

Later he stumbled upon Hip-hop music, a form of musical expression and artistic subculture that originated in African-American and Latino communities during the 1970s in NYC, specifically within the Bogie Down Bronx. He experimented on all 4 elements of Hip-hop such as, rapping, DJing, Breakdancing and graffiti. “I started DJing with my old school boy, Jerry, and wrote graff with him among others. We were rebellious kids back then, but regardless of whatever trouble I got into it was worth the fun.”

Aristadoe has faced many challenges in the streets, which has affected his mind state by expecting and obstacle is right around the corner. Because of this way of thinking, when he feels something is too easy to overcome, he backs down. His sometimes sarcastic approach on things makes him seem complex. “I find myself, at times, in situations that I’ve put my self into for a reason, just to see how I can overcome an obstacle without panicking although that was not my intention at first.”

Super Stadoe has no superhuman abilities, but is a highly cunning and a creative music strategist. He possesses extreme originality in decoding a beat. He studies the beat, and brainstorms until he finds the best concept for the music. “I listen to the beat over and over. I dive in and when I feel like I’m out of breath, I then go for it.” Aristadoe’s diverse, lyrical style is so deeply ingrained into his personality that he is virtually powerless to stop himself from saying something out of the ordinary. “What ever I say, I say it because it feels right. Is like something pushes me-and I let it.” He cannot simply perform a song without letting his body language or (force) translate what he’s expressing into motion. Thus, he shares this spiritual experience with the audience, and puts them in a trance like state, where they feel like there’s no escape-and that’s how he gets them.


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