The Microphone Posters Revealed

Posted: October 19, 2012 in 2.6.S Updates
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2.6.S Films. revealed two posters for Aristadoe’s up and upcoming video titled, THE MICROPHONE. The project consists of an all-star cast: Jonathan Pagan, Miguel “Chandon” Sánchez, Grify, Chris Ravia, Hecdosage, Gleams, Ra and Aristadoe. The viral video opens sometime in late October 2012. Poster (1) shows a brown paper bag or mask with the Aristadoe bloody symbol drawn on the back side ,over a male figures head. Poster (2) depicts the after effects of a tragic incident, where the only clues are left on the concrete-a mic and blood stains.

Just click on the posters, and see where it leads you.


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