Posted: July 30, 2012 in Pride and Glory News!
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It felt like I was transported back in time, somewhere in the 1960’s, in a room filled with strange voices that came from the tv, the radio and my head. A flash back, watching Simon and Garfunkel performed The Sound of Silence from a black & white bulky, and dusty, television screen, which was over powered by what sounded like a plane crash coming from a radio with no antenna. The Jefferson Airplane hypnotic tune White Rabbit, not to mention the voices in my head that kept asking me questions that sounded like riddles. It was like the Matrix movie except, I was not rocking any shades. From this remote experience it has led me to believe that sometimes when it’s strange, is not about how hard we think, is about developing the natural, while recognizing that it feels so right, so why return. To put it bluntly, once you dissect the true meaning of life, you can’t never go back, but only pretend while accomplishing your goals. The frequency becomes much higher, and the realm cannot be touch by outsiders. However, the truth remains in a hole, so you have to go down to it, before rising out of it. Just like this… “After This There is No Turning Back,” for an upcoming project.


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