Aristadoe Wants Us To Wait Till Dawn

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Pride and Glory News!
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Aristadoe has officially released the first trailer for the up and coming video Till Dawn. The video is due in mid spring, if you haven’t seen it is pretty much a tease, and leaves you wanting more. The footage contains raw images of pedestrians in New York City, overlooking the consequences of the nightlife. The joint has a moody vibe, and an interesting theme.

 Aristadoe said, “The concept of the song has to do with me being in a situation that I have no control over… or at least it seems that way. I then use my surroundings to help me come up with answers. However, I end up contradicting myself by saying fu-k it.”

 Ironically, the song is no more than two minutes long; why the effort for such a project?

 He said, “I can’t really get into that, but trust me is for a reason. That’s why the video is due sometime in mid spring. In the end, I’ll be all worth it; you just gonna have to wait and see.”



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